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SMS is quickly becoming the hot channel for customer communication because text is faster than email or phone, and customers want quick responses in their preferred channel—lack of speed is the third-largest pain point with customer service frustration, and 52% of customers prefer text over their current form of communication.
You have to start your SMS customer service text messaging strategy with a real concern for the customer, along with a desire to find them in their channel and address their concerns there. More than 85% of customers expect conversations with agents to move seamlessly and in real time between channels without repeating their problems. Once that’s established, this will lead to greater customer satisfaction, and therefore higher CSAT scores. According to a McKinsey report, going through a customer’s journey and maximizing their satisfaction not only increases customer satisfaction by 20%, but also lifts revenue by up to 15%.
Here are some examples for CX teams that are sending texts as part of their support strategy. These examples are great if you need some suggestions or are looking for ideas to implement automatic replies for chatbot operations.